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 The objective of this effort is to present a handy and user-friendly website for all the departments of the Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) of Greece.

Students who are in their final years of high school can look for information related to the studies that they are interested to follow and students or graduates of a department can view detailed information about the specialty they are studying or have studied and for any other department for which they interested in. 

The website presents the national map of the Technological Educational Institutes before the implementation of the plan 'Athena' by the Ministry of Education (until August 2013), and after the implementation of that plan (from September 2013 onwards).

The visitors of the website can search on the map all the departments by their geographical location selecting the region of interest and collect information on the departments related to the vocational rehabilitation of graduates or the departments study guide. Selecting a point on the map (marker) appears information about this option, as shown below.

thessaloniki en


Selecting the hyperlink of the corresponding TEI a list of all its departments is shown, as shown below.

teithessaloniki en

Then you can select a department to see more information about it, for example selecting the Automation Engineering department information appears about the following:

  • Web page
  • Scientific field
  • Entrance bases and number of admitted students for the last three years
  • Profession guide's name
  • Profession guide's code
  • Profession guide's description
  • Information about employment in the public sector
  • Information about employment in the private sector
  • Information on self-employment
  • Postgraduate studies in Greece
  • Postgraduate studies abroad
  • Information about professional rights
  • Relevant professional and scientific bodies
  • Curriculum of the department
  • Information about wages
  • Information about department's partnerships with foreign departments
  • Information on scholarships offered
  • Insurance issues

To view information of any field press the "+" and to collapse the information the "-".. 

The visitors of the website could also find departments related to a scientific area of interest in particular areas or throughout Greece.

Furthermore, website visitors can search for departments based on distance from the city of their origin and on the scientific area they are interested.

For each department are proposed all the related departments.

For any questions, suggestions for improvement or general comments you can use the contact form on our website or you can send us your comments on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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