The connection of higher technological education with labor market and the vocational orientation for the specialties of higher technological education are scientific areas that have not been explored adequately until today.

This research project focuses in the exploration and updating the detailed profile for specialties / professions offered by the departments of the Technological Education Institutes (TEI) and the development of an innovative 'smart' management software system for the profiles of these professions. 

This digital guide is composed of a set of cooperating databases and will is available through this website. To create this software complex queries technologies of databases and web programming are used. The communication of system's users is fully interactive and all their potential questions about the characteristics and prospects of professions TEI are answered.

The user categories to which is addressed the digital guide are:

a) final-year secondary school students to learn and to 'orient themselves' vocationally about the specialties offered by the Greek TEIs,

b) graduating students and young graduates of TEIs to be informed about further learning and career opportunities in their specialty,

c) the Greek TEIs and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs aiming at valid vocational information and smooth entry of graduates into the labor market and

d) researchers dealing with education and labor market connectivity issues.

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